Self-service micro markets – an innovation that replaces vending machines


Self-service micro markets stand out by the width and variety of their assortment. They can hold from 100 to 150 different products, categories of which include fresh food, yogurt, porridge, drinks, chocolates, ice cream, and more products. This is especially appreciated by customer, for whom it is important to find everything they need for their daily needs. For breakfast dairy or porridge, for lunch sandwiches, main courses and soups, in the afternoon sweets with coffee, and in the evening snacks to maintain energy while staying at work. On a hot summer day, customers of the self-service micro markets can enjoy ice cream of the most popular flavors taken out of the freezer.

The wide assortment of self-service micro markets is especially appreciated by customers, for whom it is important to find everything they need for all day needs.

Vending machines, meanwhile, are limited and inflexible for the development of a wide assortment or the quick entering of new products. It is technically difficult to change the range of products in the vending machine or to accommodate a wider range of more than 50 different products. Also, the product issuance process is not user friendly as the product is pushed off the track to fall to the collection place, which spoils the product’s visual appearance and quality. For this reason, there are products that cannot even be entered into vending machines for customers to enjoy.


Many shoppers who use vending machines face the problem at least once in their lives that products get stuck in the vending machines and the refund process is long and complicated. In this case, you are left to be disappointed and without your snack or lunch. The principle of a self-service micro market is that the customer first picks up the product and then pays for it very simply at the self-service checkout with the push of a few buttons. This principle also allows to inspect the quality of the product, evaluate the shelf life, self-assess the ingredients and nutrition value of the product.


Self-service micro markets stand out for their simple and fast shopping process. The customer selects the product, scans it, presses to pay and pays by a bank card. Card readers also accept contactless cards and devices, such as smartphones, watches, and other devices that have a contactless paying feature. So you can pay without having a payment card or wallet with you.

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