Frequently asked questions

Is the self-service micro market a paid service?
The installation of a self-service micromarket is free of charge for the company. Customers pay for the goods purchased at the self-service mico market.
What are the technical and place requirements to have a self-service micro market?
When setting the location of a self-service micro market, it is important to assess needed space - 1.08 m² (180x210x60 cm) and location. The self-service store must be located in a convenient place and easily accessible to employees. There must be an electrical outlet in the set location. We will take care of the Internet connection, equipment and products.
How is the self-service micro market built?
After setting the location of the self-service micro market, we order all the necessary equipment. We build it in 1-2 weeks. We aslo sign a standard cooperation agreement.
How is the self-service store serviced?
We take care of full maintenance of the self-service store: ordering goods, delivery (2-5 times a week), write-offs and other general procedures. We perform an inventory of goods once a month.
What is the range of assortment and can it be chosen individually?
We always take attention to our customers need and regularly update the assortment. The assortment also changes according to seasonality. The range of assortment in self-service micro markets is standard and it consists of 100-130 different products. The assortment of the vending machine is adjusted according to the customer's needs. The assortment can consist of up to 50 different products.

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